Baton Rouge Native

Daniel grew up landscaping with a mother who found herself continually redesigning or adding to the flower beds of their South Baton Rouge home. From Mom’s instinctive passion, Daniel discovered the joy that a well-landscaped home can bring.

Like most young kids, he started cutting grass with friends at around ten years old. From there, he worked hard every summer to give people pristine yards — and give himself all the coolest toys. These days, not too much has changed! He has, however, gained extensive experience working for many different companies perfecting his craftsmanship and know-how.

Deeply familiar with the climate, plant life, and seasonal patterns of the Baton Rouge area, Daniel loves working on Louisiana properties and now instills a love of landscaping and hard work among his own five children. He has been happily married since 2007, and is proud to call Baton Rouge home for his business and his family.

Daniel also spent ten years serving the city with the Baton Rouge Fire Department, and only left the Fire Department when the growth of his family and business required him to select one career path or the other. He is passionate about continuing education and finding ways to better serve the clients and friends that trust us with the care of their home.


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